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Year 1655 was not gentle for Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. After Cossak-Polish War led by Bogdan Chmielnicki ravaged most of nowadays Ukraine and Lithuania heavily incapacitating Commonwealth prowess, yet another threat loomed over the Kingdom.

The Deluge...

One would think that after the Treaty of Stuhmsdorf the enmity between Swedish Crown and the Commonwealth would die down. Conversely, this is a story of devious political moves, treachery and immense bravery of the common folk.

It is you who aids the Commonwealth of 1655 as a simple Nobleman or a Noblewoman assembling their own army and participating in several pivotal battles of this period.

How to play:

Movement on the map: Click on a house or sword icon to move your character to this location

Choosing a card: Select a card that is currently highlighted and add it to your deck

Battle: Drag and drop cards from your deck to spawn units. Press 'X' key on keyboard while holding a card to cancel dropping a card. Drag the flag associated with a unit squad to make it move there. When enemies are nearby, units go towards them unless recalled by using a flag.

More info:

  • Created in 24 hours during HackYeah 2022 game jam in Craco
  • Some of the art created for this project was generated using OpenAI DALLE
  • Developed by: Sticky Piston Studios 
    Mateusz Szymonski - Jakub Duchniewicz - Szymon Duchniewicz

    PlatformsWindows, macOS
    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
    (2 total ratings)
    Tags2D, historic, poland, sing, Unity, War


    The Deluge.zip 42 MB
    The Deluge.app.zip 51 MB


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    Hello Szymon. Great Idea!. I`m working on a turn hex-based game in similiar Sienkiewicz`s historical reality. Great artwork, good UI. I wish You luck in the indie adventure!