Enter the dimension inhabited by pizza on the stikz

Tutorial: Click left mouse button to apply force on pizza

And help me develop pizza stikz lore please!
You can post your ideas in the comments!


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Thousands of years ago, a strange man ran encountered a strange looking vegetable. It looked incredibly delicious and the only thing he wanted was to eat it. He approached and tried to bite it, but the vegetable seemed to have a magnetic property that made it repel from humans. He was determined to get a taste and he dedicated his life to replicating it. Unfortunately, he died before finding the a recipe that satisfied him, but not before passing the mission onto his children, and them to their children. And generations later, a heavenly-tasting replica of the vegetable was created by a lonely villager in Italy. He lived a happy life, knowing his ancestors would be proud.

Wonderful ❤️

since pizza is a vegetable, it makes sense that it grows on trees