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Greed led to the fall of the mighty king and his kingdom.
The old ruler went insane.
His nightmares never end since he fell into a coma.

How to play:
Throw a golden crown to kill wraiths that symbolize the materialistic obsession that turned against him. The crown bounces off the walls. But be careful, you need to catch it before the king will go mad. This is the last precious thing that left him.

WASD - Move
Mouse  - Aim
LMB  - Throw a crown
Shift - Time slowdown
Space - Dash (Use it frequently)

Made in 24 hours.

Music: Wasteland - Artem Grebenshchikov


FallOfTheGreedyKing.zip 31 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and click "Fall of the Greedy King.exe"

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